Having already completed a significant amount of corporate office buildouts in the first half of 2019, JCA knows what it takes to complete projects on time. AV technology has become a large component of office build-outs in recent years and can pose significant problems to the project schedule if not incorporated correctly.
“New office designs involve heavy meeting space and huddle room build-outs, making AV extremely important. Many companies have remote employees and new spaces can have upwards of 20 conference and huddle rooms. Clients need great AV to bring employees together and JCA knows how to effectively manage this part of the process to ensure successful implementation,” says Joe Maguire, Project Executive at JCA.
Through our experience, JCA has learned many best practices surrounding AV Technology. First and foremost, successful AV integration means getting the subcontractor on board early. If this doesn’t happen, the project almost always encounters design and coordination issues later in the schedule. Our project management team will always push to bring in the AV team in as early as possible to ensure our client’s desired schedule stays in tact. These early integrations also allow the Client and AV team to fully communicate and set expectations about how the space will function and what the systems can and cannot do.
Additionally, one of the biggest challenges we’ve found when incorporating AV comes at the end of the project – commissioning. These systems need to be tested to ensure they are working correctly, and end-users need to be properly trained. Complex systems can have many functions and configurations. When end-users don’t know how to work the systems properly, consultants have to be sent out to fix and reconfigure, wasting valuable time and money for both the Clients and Consultants.
If you need assistance with AV implantation in an upcoming project, give JCA a call and talk to one of our experienced Project Executives about how we can help you complete a successful project.