The Aon Center is a Chicago landmark that is homebase for companies like AT&T, Microsoft, and United Health Group. Looking to provide its tenants with a sky-high retreat where they can exercise, recharge, or simply lounge, together we embarked on a 29,000 sq. ft. capital improvement project that resulted in the city’s highest fitness center and amenities space: the 70th floor “Cloud Level.”

Client: Aon Center

Location: 200 East Randolph Street, Chicago

Area: 29,000 sq. ft.

Construction Schedule: 14 weeks

Completion Date: February 2019




This project required substantial work and tight deadlines. Using the floor below for stocking and only certain freight elevators, we built a complete fitness center, including locker rooms and a sound isolated room for classes; a large tenant lounge; and a conference center with zoned speaker systems. Additional amenities like a bar, library, meeting room, and grab n’ go eatery required custom doors and millwork, lighting control, and concrete flooring, all designed to make the space upscale and inspiring, yet functional for its inhabitants.



We worked closely with the owner and architect to solve for material delays and design challenges, and extensive vision engineering by the JCA team regarding flooring, wood types, countertop material, and more—as well as off-hours work—helped get this project done on time and within budget. The Cloud Level now offers the Aon Center’s tenants stunning views while they collaborate, exercise, and unwind.