Havas is an award-winning advertising agency that’s called Chicago home for nearly 75 years. Recognized globally for reinvigorating brands, they reached out for help renovating their current 85,000 sq. ft. office space into an open floor plan with a lot of personality.

Client: Havas Worldwide

Location: 36 E Grand Avenue, Chicago

Area: 90,000 sq. ft.

Construction Schedule: 12 weeks




Efficient use of the space was a driver here, and thanks to communal work stations and a total lack of traditional offices, Havas was able to consolidate its footprint to two floors. Sixteen-foot ceilings, a winding wrought iron staircase to connect the two floors, and unexpected features like a “town hall” area with expandable bleachers shaped a modern workspace that fosters an integrated agency model.



Havas employees relocated during construction, so getting them back into their space swiftly was a priority. We successfully completed the project within the aggressive 12-week schedule and saved money on concrete flooring that the client used to fund additional scope requests.