The JCA team has been monitoring, managing and taking action to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees and partners since the onset of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Our leadership and organization are closely monitoring and adhering to governmental executive order, CDC and WHO guidelines and recommendations. Health, safety and defeating the virus is our top priority.


On March 23rd, J.C. Anderson made the decision to “hit the pause button” and suspend all field operations. We did not approach the decision lightly. Because we are an interiors-only construction company, with the majority of our work conducted in multi-tenant buildings, this presented some unique challenges on our jobsites. There were several deciding factors to suspend our work:

  • Multiple jobsites were shut down due to tenants in the buildings testing positive for COVID-19.
  • Other jobsites were shut down due to one or more subcontracting partners testing positive for COVID-19
  • Several of our suburban project sites were unable to get critical inspections because the municipalities were closed for this type of activity.
  • The space we were working in did not allow us the space to comply with CDC guidelines related to social distancing.

We made this decision to allow JCA the time to help ensure our workforce and subcontractors would be working in safe environments. We did not feel comfortable proceeding as an essential business and sending our employees and subcontractors into harm’s way until we had the time to assess our jobsites and make sure we had a site-specific plan to keep everyone safe.

During this pause, we were able to individually assess each and every one of our active jobsites to help ensure:

  • The Building Owner/Property Managers had the appropriate cleaning/sanitizing procedures in place and were complying with all CDC guidelines related to social distancing for all common areas in which our employees and subcontractors would come into contact (ie; loading docks, freight elevators, common restrooms, etc.)
  • The Building Owner/Property Managers have procedures in place to notify and take appropriate measures if anyone in the buildings test positive for COVID-19
  • All jobsites have the appropriate cleaning/sanitizing products for both workers and all surfaces
  • All jobsites have the appropriate PPE equipment

Upon determining all sites were as safe as possible, we made the decision to restart field operations on the majority of our jobsites on March 30th. We will continue to monitor all sites to provide a safe working environment for our workforce and subcontractors. Our project management teams have been working diligently to mitigate any schedule impacts and are closely monitoring supply chains for any possible disruptions.



JCA has been very active in our monitoring of the coronavirus pandemic and in following the advice of the CDC, WHO and Illinois public health authorities. JCA has stocked all jobsites with standing sanitizing stations including buckets of sanitizing wipes, N95 masks and latex gloves.


  1. Before jobsite sign-In, clean hands with a sanitizing wipe.
  2. Upon entering jobsite, report directly to JCA Superintendent prior to starting work.
  3. Once all tradesmen are on site, a toolbox safety talk reviewing CDC Guidelines will be conducted by JCA’s Superintendent.
  4. Once on site, you are not to leave until the end of the shift. Breaks and lunch are to be taken on the site.
  5. If building rules mandate the use of dock toilets, once you return to the site, sanitize your hands before entering.
  6. No more tradespeople on freight than can safely accommodate, per CDC Guidelines.
  7. Face masks (Non-N95) are to be worn at all times by all tradesman when entering the building, working on the jobsite and upon leaving the jobsite and building.
  8. When working within the 6’ safe distancing requirement, all tradesmen are to wear protective white suits, as well as N95 masks. Each subcontractor will be held responsible for properly supplying their own workforces.
A zero tolerance policy for these requirements will be enforced. Anyone found in noncompliance of these requirements will be asked to leave the job site immediately.


  • Reusability – CDC recommends that a respirator classified as disposable can be reused by the same worker as long as it remains functional. White suits are reusable only if used by a single person.
  • Maintain regular housekeeping policies
  • Trade partners are responsible for their preparedness plans and to manage the wellness of their workforce
  • Trade partners to document all jobsite workers and contact information and provide daily report of workers on-site
  • Frequently wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • If soap and running water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand rub with at least 60% alcohol.
  • Send home any worker showing symptoms of illness
  • Encourage respiratory etiquette, i.e., covering cough / sneeze with a tissue or into your elbow rather than your hand
  • Avoid touching the eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands
  • Encourage workers to minimize the sharing of hand tools and clean with disinfecting wipes before each use
  • Disinfect frequently touched surfaces and spaces on a daily basis
  • Practice social distancing – keep a minimum of six feet between people
  • Limit in-person meetings – hold conference calls or meet in smaller groups
  • Recommend workers take breaks individually rather than in gathering areas



JCA will continue to monitor all sites to provide a safe working environment for our workforce and subcontractors. Our project management teams have been working diligently to mitigate any schedule impacts and are closely monitoring supply chains for any possible disruptions.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding J.C. Anderson’s COVID-19 Protocols, please contact:

Steve Boulukos, Chief Operating Officer,

Mike Dressler, Safety Director,

Sergio Rivota, General Superintendent,

Download a Copy of the JCA COVID-19 Resource Packet Here