J.C. Anderson Introduces Driven By What’s Inside Award for Employees

By October 9, 2019 No Comments

J.C. Anderson believes that it’s what’s inside that matters- both in terms of what we build and who we are. In order to take time to celebrate our people and our projects, J.C. Anderson is introducing the “Driven By What’s Inside” award for well-deserving team members.

This award was created based on two very important guiding principles of JCA; Interiors Matter and Character Matters.

JCA believes that the inside of the building is the most important part of the building. Yes, structure is important, but the building exists for what’s inside of that building. The “Driven By What’s Inside” award recognizes those team members who have done a particularly impressive job fulfilling the vision of the space that we’ve built. This could be a particularly challenging component of the buildout; other times a difficult schedule or unforeseen circumstances to overcome. In every case, JCA is celebrating the interior spaces constructed and recognizing the people who were key in making that happen.

JCA also believe that character matters, and that what makes the company strong is the drive, determination, and unwillingness to let anything stand in the way. JCA is proud of the work that we have done but is also proud of the way it has been performed — by treating each other, the customer, and everyone we come across with integrity and respect. The “Driven By What’s Inside” award recognizes those on the JCA team who have gone above and beyond to deal with a difficult buildout, situation, or those who have gone out of their way to support other members of the team.

JCA is proud to announce the winner of the first “Driven By What’s Inside” award is Larry Regovic. This award was created to celebrate employees with character and drive, and Larry Regovic encompasses both.

“Having worked with Larry since he first started with JCA as an apprentice carpenter through his progression into the office as a project manager, I believe he is most deserving to receive our inaugural Driven By What’s Inside award for excellence,” Steve Boulukos, COO of J.C. Anderson says. “Character certainly does matter, and Larry has earned the respect from everyone that has ever known or worked with him. I am very proud to have Larry with us here at JCA.”

Congratulations, Larry!