The Kev Golf Outing – 2020 Update

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A note from Molly Radoha

Hello everyone –

I hope this finds you feeling healthy and staying safe. This has been a very strange couple of months with this pandemic, the riots and all of the aftermath that has followed. Because of this, J.C. Anderson has decided it is in best interest of all to cancel this year’s golf outing. With social distancing in place and the health restrictions that are changing daily, I agree this is the right choice. So we will be sad not to see everyone this year, but I did want to send you a quick update.

Kevin died in December of 2012 and this December he will be gone for 8 years. That just almost seems unreal. In the years since he has been gone – we have had many ups and downs. As you know raising a family is difficult and stressful and wonderful too. As the kids get older the stress is mostly financial and getting them through college and out living on their own. All four of the kids have done so well in school and in life. Their Dad surely would be so very proud of them – and thankful to all of you have helped them get where they are today.

I will start with a little update on Cate the great. Cate is 18 and graduated from ICHS this year. We are waiting for the ceremony, which is scheduled for end of July. Cate applied for and was selected to be one of two speakers at the ceremony. This is quite an honor and she is looking forward to giving the speech. Cate took full advantage of her high school years – she played basketball, tennis, and softball. She was a knight ambassador and the highlight of her senior year was being a leader for the senior Kairos religious retreat. She was thrilled to be accepted at the University of Wisconsin Madison and is very excited to start her life in college.

Grace will be a junior at Illinois State in Bloomington. She was there last semester and loved her classes. Grace is studying interior deign; she is creative and loves to work with her hands. She hopes to get involved with Habitat for Humanity this year and also to travel abroad, but understands that just may not be a possibility. Grace has high hopes of working in interior design and someday would like to work towards rehabbing and redesigning old homes.

Abby is 24 and still living in Los Angeles. She is working as a personal assistant in Pacific Palisades – a gorgeous suburb of L.A. Due to the outbreak of the pandemic she is also a babysitter and  a teacher. She is watching two kids ages 9 and 15 and trying to keep them happy while there is not too much to do. Abby loves the weather in L.A. and we all agree beautiful weather makes her a happy person. Abby is unsure right now where she is heading. She is planning on staying in L.A. for at least another year, but she is missing all of us and vice versa.

Patrick is 26 and living in the city at Cornelia and Clark – he is terribly disappointed the Cubs will not be playing or only playing a limited number of games with NO fans. He is a die hard Cub fan just like his Dad. Patrick has loads of friends from ICCP and Dayton and spends the weekends running and hanging out. He has been working for RSM in commercial real estate for about 3 years now. He has managed to keep his job during this pandemic which is quite an accomplishment.

I am enjoying real estate and have had quite a busy year. I have been selling for almost 5 years now and I love every minute of it. I will have more time to dedicate to my career once the two girls are off to school in the fall. When they leave it will undoubtedly be very quiet here. I’m not exactly sure how I feel about that just yet.

My heartfelt thanks to Jim and Tom, J.C. Anderson and all of you for all these past years of attending the golf outing. It has always been such a special day to honor Kevin and it has been a huge financial help to our family.

It sure is hard without Kevin here, but knowing they will not have to worry about college debt and they will not have to worry about me is such a blessing and we are forever grateful. Best wishes to all of you this fall, hoping life will start looking a little more normal – different after all we have been through – but normal.

God Bless,